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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I Help High-Achieving Executives and Entrepreneurs 2X, 3X, Or Even 10X Their Profit Through Digital Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Successful Innovation.

You’re here because you want results. 

Whether its higher rankings, more sales, more customers, or more profits, I’m here to help.

I’m who you call when only Absolute Success will do.

I help companies that have “hit their wall” of growth innovate and get the next level of so they can stop wasting time, money, and effort and start being more profitable.

Basically, I’m your secret marketing weapon and the “Swiss Army Knife’ that will help you unlock new levels of revenue, influence, and growth for your business.

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Business Coaching

Grow your small business, gain more customers, increase your marketing effectiveness with the Simple Business Growth coaching program.

Growth Hacking

As a digital marketing strategist and business growth architect, let me help you analyze and identify improvements to explode your company’s bottom line.

Executive Coaching

Jennifer is a trusted advisor and respected strategic thinker who will bring clarity to your decision-making, and inspire you to be the very best version of yourself.


Jennifer Sarpong is a certified business growth coach and digital marketing strategist. She coaches individuals and teams to achieve absolute success. Jennifer specializes in using digital marketing and tech systems to grow businesses on autopilot. Her service is customized to fit your needs. Let her help you reach your business goals!

"Jennifer has assisted IDEAS in many ways. She is very thorough in her work and has high quality. She has a very professional approach and brings her creativity to bear when figuring out the best way to approach a topic. We have greatly benefited from our association with her and would definitely recommend her as a consultant for your organization."
Carter Garber, Founder of TecAp-IDEASSatisfied Client
"Jennifer is great at providing strategic planning. She gives you that constructive criticism if its necessary, and constructive guidance. Regardless of where you are, if you’re in the initial stages where you have a vision but you’re not sure of how to plan and strategize, she will take you the next level. She’s just good at what she does, what else can I say?"
Jodi Bigby, Founder of The ProfessionistaSatisfied Client
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"Before working with Jennifer all we had was a general idea of where we wanted to go with our new business division. Jennifer helped us come together as a team to create a powerful business plan, and profitable strategy. She helped our vision emerge. But she didn’t stop there. Jennifer is a marketing and business development genius. With her advice and guidance, we were able to select the best systems for our online and offline retail business, develop profitable new info products, and setup systematic marketing that grew our worldwide customer base by leaps and bounds. Now, we have online sales systems that have generated over 1000% ROI for us in just 30 days. We’re now positioned to take advantage of lucrative business partnerships and opportunities worldwide worth millions. Jennifer is a strategist who saw the big picture and helped us execute at a level we would have never reached without her. If you’re considering working with Jennifer to grow your business, do yourself a favor, and say, “Yes!” "
Sophie Musser, Co-Founder of Backyard Gardening Solutions, Inc.Satisfied Corporate Client


Marketing Growth Hacking
  • Digital Marketing Growth Action Plan
  • Deep Web Traffic and Data Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition Systems
  • Automated Marketing Process Improvement
  • Great for companies that want to innovate, get a competitive edge, and explode their customer base
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Business Coaching
  • More Customers
  • Higher Profits
  • Simple Business Growth Blueprint
  • Expert Marketing Coaching
  • 1-on-1 Guidance
  • Great for Small Businesses That Want to Grow
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Executive Coaching
  • 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching
  • Trusted Advisement
  • Strategic CEO Training Program
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Jennifer Sarpong is a certified digital marketing strategist and executive coach. Her deep insight and big-picture perspective helps businesses make wise decisions and profitable choices that catapult them to the next level of “Absolute Success.” Go to the next level of success in your business; schedule your free consultation now.

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